Angelia Brigance

Senior VP of Operations


Angelia Brigance joined the team at Chateau Pacific as Executive Director in November 2013.


She has had a lifelong experience with seniors being raised in a multi-generational family.  Angelia spent 6 years as a family member in the senior living world before embracing senior living as a career. After 22 years, she still believes that what she gives to her residents is only a fraction of what she has received from her residents sharing their lives with her.  Angelia has worked in skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers, assisted living, memory care, home care, and independent living for seniors. She has extensive experience working with seniors with dementia and is bringing that expertise to our memory care throughout the Chateau.


Angelia’s education includes degrees in developmental disabilities, psychology, counseling, geriatrics and neuro-linguistic programming. Angelia is married and she and her husband enjoy hiking on the weekends with their two dogs. They have two children.