Darrin Haase

Executive Director, Chateau Pacific


Darrin was raised in a small farming town in Washington and always dreamed of traveling and having varied experiences. After high school, he attended University in North Dakota and Montana majoring in Wildlife Biology. While working with the Fish and Wildlife Service the summer before his Senior year, Darrin decided to make a change and enlisted in the Army where he served for 6 years as an Apache Helicopter Mechanic. He moved back to Washington for a season but still enjoys travel. After marrying his wife Aimee, they lived in Hawaii for a year before settling in Budapest, Hungary where they worked for the non-profit organization. Darrin and his wife continued to live and travel and after their son was born moved to England for a few years before making a change again and moving to Capetown, South Africa. When pregnant with their 2nd child they realized it was time to move back to the states.  Darrin first began with Chateau as the HR Manager in 2013 where his varied experiences made him ideally suited for the role. His role later transitioned to incorporate the role of Assistant Executive Director in January 2015 and then was promoted to Executive Director in October 2015. Darrin is married with 3 children and loves spending time with his family most of all and is enjoying traveling closer to home and exploring his home state, but still dreams of countries yet to be visited.