10 Activities for Seniors in Lynnwood, Washington

Kenji Hobbs

17 March 2023

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It’s more important than ever to offer activities and resources for seniors. Lynnwood, Washington offers a variety of engaging activities for older adults to stay active and social.


Here are 10 activities for seniors in Lynnwood, Washington.


Chair Yoga – Yoga studios and senior centers offer classes where participants can perform yoga from the comfort of their own seat.


Walking Groups – Seniors who prefer a more low-impact activity can join walking groups at local parks and leisure centers.


Group Exercise – For those who enjoy a group exercise class, senior fitness classes offer an opportunity to move and stay healthy with others in their age group.


Art Classes – Lynnwood offers a variety of art classes such as painting, drawing and sculpture for seniors to express their creativity.


Encore Learning – Encore Learning is a program that offers a variety of courses for seniors that focus on lifelong learning in subjects such as history, literature, and the arts.


Music Lessons – For seniors who enjoy playing an instrument or singing, local music schools offer private lessons and group classes. Chateau Retirement has many music clubs and live events to enjoy.


Volunteer Opportunities – Volunteer opportunities give seniors the chance to give back to the community and make new friends.


Games and Social Activities – Many senior centers offer games such as bingo and bridge, as well as social activities such as book clubs and movie nights. Our Lynnwood retirement community offers a rich schedule of events for seniors.


Senior Friendship Line – The Senior Friendship Line is a phone line for seniors who need someone to talk to, to offer support and companionship.


Technology Classes – Technology classes can teach seniors how to use smartphones, tablets, and other devices to stay connected with family and friends. Chateau Retirement offers these classes for seniors at our senior living community in Lynnwood, Washington.


For seniors in Lynnwood, Washington, there are many opportunities to stay engaged, active, and connected with others in the community. Whether through physical activity, creative expression or social interaction, there is something for everyone.