Your diet and nutrition are so important throughout your life and even more so as you age. Chateau Retirement Communities believes that we can help you stay well or get well by providing meals that are not just delicious, but also clean and nutritious. Our culinary team focuses on seasonal foods and cooking from scratch. This allows us to offer the freshest meals with the least amount of preservatives. We can accommodate the whole gamut of diets from diabetic(1) or heart healthy(2) to gluten-free or vegetarian.


(1)Diabetic – Consistent carbohydrate, sugar-free desserts.

(2)Heart Healthy – no added sodium, low fat, whole grains, complex carbohydrates and leafy greens.


Our dining program doesn’t stop at cooking amazing meals. Our culinary team also caters for special events, hosts special holiday and seasonal dinners, and showcases cooking demos with our life enrichment team.