Resident Spotlight: Edna Gochnour

Kenji Hobbs

21 January 2021

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Resident Spotlight: Edna



Edna was born on a farm in the small town of Milner, North Dakota on 2-24-1920 to Peter and Selma Johnson, oldest of of 5 children. She worked on the farm and went to school. She then graduated from high school in 1939. After 1939 she attended college. She spent one year in Chicago, Illinois and two years in Valley City, North Dakota getting a 2-year teaching degree. She then taught grade school for three years in small towns in North Dakota.


At that point, she and a girlfriend decided to find out what was happening in Seattle, Washington. So they hopped on and train and never looked back.  That was 1945 during World War II.


Edna began work with the Federal Government and lived in downtown Seattle for a year. At that point she was pursued by the superintendent of the Snoqualmie Valley School district to teach school in Fall City. She finally agreed to and moved to Fall City to teach.


She then she met Harold Gochnour who she married in 1947. He was a true outdoorsman. They shot trap, fished, hunted, hiked, rode horseback, rode motorcycles and anything outside. They have two children: son George in 1953 and daughter Denver in 1956.




Harold past away in 1961. Edna continued to teach in the Snoqualmie Valley until 1990 and retired at the young age of 70. At that point she moved into a mother-in-law apartment with her son and his wife and their 4 children. She helped with the children until they were out of the house. Edna walked 4 to 5 miles a day until she was 90. To this day she loves the Seahawks, Mariners, the Storm and any local sports. She has and loves her five Grandchildren and nine Great Grandchildren.