Sons: by Marilyn Fleischer

Kenji Hobbs

20 July 2021

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Chateau Writer’s Corner: Marilyn Fleischer

Chateau Retirement’s Writer’s Corner series highlights original creative writing, straight from the hearts and minds of our residents. This edition features a short story called “Sons” by Chateau resident Marilyn Fleischer.


Snips and snails and puppy dog tails is that truly all that little boys are made of? Did that little blue bundle of joy that you so carefully carried home mean such a shallow life? Fathers have a life’s program with their first born male beginning with naming him Jr. or masculine names of a male ancestor. Even the strong men of historical fame are thrust upon these objects of wonder.


That blue bundle soon becomes a toddler, finding his environment, ac outlets, kitchen cupboard knobs and the dogs dish. No sooner the recovery from that he has grown three feet suffers acne and discovered girls. Girls mean proms and the need of his sister to educate him to the world of dance and his promise to care for the car just for this big night. Does he shave now? The brochures of higher learning schools arrive every day in the mail. Where has the time gone?


First born chick to leave the nest. Somewhat painless for he has chosen a school 45 minutes from our home and kitchen. He has grown nearly a foot and that beard now has enough hair to need a real shave. Does his voice sound deeper to you? Dad plays it cool as usual. However, when he arrives home from work, spot on-the-clock at 5pm, it’s with a hardy shake of hand but no hugs to embarrass his oldest child?


Son’s trips to visit his parents become less frequent. School and his new found freedom replace the need of parental reassurance. Higher education has filled a need that he whole heartedly accepts. The visit home to do his laundry and enjoy the meals he once took for granted are lost in a newer and more interesting life. Has it been three years? Does he use a girl’s name more frequently and visit folks? The die has been cast. Is she the girl of his dreams?


Soon plans are made for a fall wedding and trips across the country to meet her folks takes the family to the Midwest. Sitting in a church, music playing, with our son standing at the altar, awaiting his bride, Dad and mom’s eyes glisten with pride and a feeling of mixed emotions. Today he is a man, standing on his own. Mother’s job is done. Somewhat bittersweet as she feels surrender across the aisle. That little boy is also a mix of sugar and spice and things so very, very nice.


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